2016 Wild & Windy In The City - Chicago

Wild & Windy in The City was my first signing event and as much fun as I had I was also overwhelmed. There were around 78 authors in attendance and I did my best to visit each. Unfortunately that didn't happen, but I did see over half. 

I was lucky to have my friend Sylvia ( Hedwig Reads ) tag along to have someone to talk strategy and help take pictures.

Here are pictures of some of the amazing authors we met.

Penelope Douglas

Kendall Ryan

Angela Graham

CM Stunich

Cassia Leo

T Gephart

Beth Ehemann

Melissa Brown

Willo Aster

Mia Kayla

Michelle Lynn

Ryleigh Andrews

Kathryn Andrews

JD Hollyfield

K.L. Grayson

Toni Aleo

Ashley Suzanne

Gemma James

Heidi Hutchinson

MC Decker

Jenna Galicki

HJ Bellus

Elisabeth Grace

Brooke Page

Faith Andrews

Amanda Maxlyn

Theresa Hissong

LB Dunbar

Evan Grace

Andrea Smith

It was around now that time was running out and we decided to just take the authors picture instead of setting everything on the floor and taking a picture with them. Crazy times!

Lindy Zart

FL Jacob

CA Harms

SR Watson

Alicia  Rae

M Dauphin

Nickie Nalley Seidler

Kerry Heavens

MN Forgy

Michelle Dare

AD Justice

JM Witt

AM Madden

Elle Christensen

Awesome first event!

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